BioActive Foods

Approved suppliers

The following companies are approved by BioActive Foods through our Quality Assurance System as supplier of raw materials or producers of ready products to be delivered world wide. We are also using approved companies that for policy reasons do not wish to be presented on our, or any other company web site.  



Lysi hf

Established in 1938, LYSI hf is one of the worlds largest producers of marine oils for human consumption and an original pioneer of fish oil production. LYSI prides itself in delivering high quality products, made with the best materials available and produced in accordance with strict international standards. LYSIs emphasis is on marine fish oils in their original form and the products comply with all major pharmacopoeias and the GOED monograph. They meet official regulatory standards with regard to environmental contaminants, and are free of genetic modified materials and components. LYSI`s certified quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9001, GMP for active pharmaceutical ingredients and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.



Buisman Warehousing B.V

Buisman Warehousing B.V aims to be a leading supplier of blending, packaging and storage for nutrition and dairy producers. Buisman Warehousing has strong focus on blending and (re)-packing of infant food, as well as diet- and sport nutrition destined for the worldwide retail- and food industry. Buisman is located in the Netherlands in the city Zwolle and meets Dutch and European regulations such as BRC, HACCAP and AEO certifications.



Olika S.L

Olika is a Basque company with the aim of providing the distribution and merchandising of food products of high quality, with knowledge and application of the European food safety framework. Composed by a network of experts in food industry, research and food safety policy, provide an excellent technical know-how fundament of these high quality products. One of our most important product is the extra virgin olive oil from Picual variety, produced according to ISO 9001 standards, with guaranteed high concentration of polyphenols that is scientifically proven to provide a high benefit to the human health. Olika aspires to add value to the society through its activities as reference of quality, health and wellness.