BioActive Foods

Approved analytical laboratories

The following laboratories are approved by BioActive Foods  through our Quality Assurance System  for analysing our home test and reporting the results to our database.



Vitas AS

Vitas AS is a Norwegian biotechnology company. They have a GMP certified chemical analysis contract lab, with 20 years experience in providing a high quality, custom chromatographic analytical service based on cutting-edge knowledge and technology.



OmegaQuant Analytics

OmegaQuant Analytics is a USA-based, CLIA certified specialty laboratory that provides high quality fatty acid analytical services both to researchers and to consumers seeking to monitor their personal fatty acid levels, specifically the Omega-3 Index and Trans Fat Index. They also provide a Mother’s Milk DHA test for breastfeeding mothers who want to monitor the DHA and trans fat content of their milk. The goal of OmegaQuant Analytics is to advance the science and expand the use of fatty acids to improve health.